NC GOP Conservatives Statewide Voter Guide (with Judges)  link.

NCGOP Judges list

Faith and Freedom Coalition (FFC) Voter guide for North Carolina link, pages 2 and 8.  (Be patient, it loads slowly.)

FFC Presidential Voter Guide link.

Board of Elections — Where do I vote???  Link.

Board of Elections — Caldwell County Official Sample Ballot link.

Eagle Forum – conservative organization.  hey endorsed several Republicans in the Primary – Mark Meadows was one.

NC Family Policy Council – conservative, Christian organization.  This is big and requires some homework.

The list of Republicans you should vote for:

Mitt Romney / Paul Ryan

Mark Meadows


Pat McCrory

Dan Forest

Debra Goldman

Steve Troxler

Mike Causey

Cherie Berry

Ed Goodwin

John Tedesco

Steve Royal


Justice Paul Newby

David Robinson

Marty McGee

Chris Dillion


Dan Soucek

Edgar Starnes


Clay Bollinger

Jeff Branch

Randy Church


Wayne Rash


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