Lt. Gov. Dan Forest speaks out about voter fraud and need for voter ID

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April 18, 2013 by Christine

“No voter fraud in North Carolina? Check provisional ballots”

From N.C. Lt. Gov. Dan Forest:

“As the General Assembly debates the Voter-Photo ID bill, you will hear opponents say that there is little to no evidence that voter fraud is taking place in North Carolina. One only has to look at my race for lieutenant governor to see the absurdity of this argument.

“Out of 4.3 million ballots cast in my race, there were just over 50,000 provisional ballots cast. Provisionals are ballots cast outside of the regular process,…”

Read more here:

Voter fraud is real.  It is a problem and there are remedies.  Asking an American to show a picture ID, is not unreasonable.  ID is needed for many purchases like cigarettes, alcohol, allergy medicine, Sudafed, guns, etc… ID is needed to cash any check and in some stores always needed to use a credit or debit card.

So asking a citizen who are registered to vote, is not unreasonable.  Also, why are people allowed to vote on the stop during early voting?  Why are they required to register before the registration deadline the month before the election?  If there is a deadline, the deadline should apply to everyone.


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