Gov. McCrory’s proposed $20.6 Budget for 2013-2015

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March 24, 2013 by Christine

“Governor McCrory proposed a balanced budget for fiscal years 2013-2015, continuing his administration’s focus on finding long-term solutions to fix North Carolina’s economy, transform education and make government more efficient.

“The governor’s $20.6 billion spending plan continues to implement his vision of a government that focuses on delivering the best possible results, customer service and quality of life for the people of North Carolina. By turning the page on the kind of short-term budget gimmicks, debt and irresponsible taxes that hurt economic growth and prosperity in the past, Governor McCrory’s fiscally responsible budget strengthens North Carolina’s foundation for future generations and moves the state closer to fulfilling and even exceeding its potential.”  At this link, there are many introductions, plans, summaries, the full budget, as well as a video of his presentation (same as above).


Increasing Pre-K for 4-year olds by $52 million over two years.  More certified teachers in the classrooms. Hire 1,800 more teachers over two years.  Enhance digital learning and getting technology in the hands of our students.  Funding for community colleges will decrease “a bit” to graduate less students, but increase graduation towards employment. University students are incurring more and more debt, and therefore no increases towards in-state-tuition. Add $63 millions for universities to do job training for high-demand NC jobs.  Projected growth rate [rate not given] is conservative, hopefully too conservative.  We are not adding gas tax increase, sales tax increase, and personal income tax increase.  ….watch the video above for all of McCrory’s details.


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