Obamacare’s piggy bank?

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August 19, 2012 by lowercreek

Paul Ryan, VP candidate, spoke at length at The Villages in Florida about Medicare, “Medicare should not be a piggy bank for ObamaCare”. Michele Malkin’s HotAir.com summarized the speech very well and included a video, so you can decide for yourself. http://hotair.com/archives/2012/08/18/ryan-medicare-should-not-be-a-piggy-bank-for-obamacare

Obama’s plan has cut spending (i.e., rationing by another name with dozens of regulatory methods) to Medicare by $716 billion.  Originally, Obama promised to eliminate $500 billion in known fraud, waste, and abuse.  I haven’t heard any headlines about huge crackdowns or stings.

Ryan’s plan is to reform Medicare for people 55 years and YOUNGER.  His budget plan also makes common sense reforms that doesn’t cut care or put doctors out of business.  By the way, the 55 and under is the same group of people that already know they’ll never see Social Security.  Why would they expect to receive Medicare?  And really, do we think any of these massive federal entitlements will still be funded in 10 years? Heck no!  We are headed towards a Greek and Spanish financial crisis if we don’t stop deficit spending.


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