Ryan rips Obamacare in 6 minutes

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August 12, 2012 by lowercreek

PAUL RYAN LEAVES OBAMA DAZED AND CONFUSED…RIPS APART OBAMACARE IN SIX MINUTES, TELLS HIM HIDING SPENDING DOESN’T REDUCE SPENDING – Paul Ryan took Barack Obama to task on Obamacare, leaving him with a dazed and confused look on his face. Obama looked as if he wanted to run away as Ryan dissected his socialized medicine plan, showed where Obama lied to the American people about its cost, its taxes, its increase of the deficit and debt. Obama didn’t have his teleprompter to give him some propaganda answers and was speechless. It is great to see Conservatives fighting back against Obama from an intellectual standpoint. Way to go Congressman Ryan. Watch the video in the comments section.

It is great to see a Conservative leave the Socialist-in-Chief speechless.


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