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July 22, 2011 by lowercreek

August 16


7pm at the Library

120 Hospital Ave,  Lenoir,  NC  28645


  • Instruction for precinct activity will be discussed.  Please see this GOP Precinct Training Manual.
  • We will have call scripts to hand out.  (Saturday call dates to be announced.)
  • We are looking for volunteers to work at the polls on Election Day, Nov 8th.  Details about duties and possible pay to be shared the meeting.  link
  • There are two municipal races in our precinct: Lenoir and Cedar Rock.  There will be opportunities to bring these candidates to us for a Meet and Greet and a forum.  Please check this websites for updates and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to the site so you don’t miss anything.

Other GOP local level training info link.

Please bring a friend with you.  This is REAL GRASSROOTS politicking. 😉  We (Americans) are a self-governed people.  Self government requires citizen participation.  To participate you must become informed.  The best way to become informed is by coming to these meetings.

(To subscribe, enter your email address in the box “WEBSITE SUBSCRIPTION” area at the bottom, left-hand side of the home page.)




I found this information really useful and worth passing along to you.  This is a link with two internet radio shows: 1) what we want in presidential candidates, and 2) election fraud prevention.  LINK


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