HB.36 – E-Verify Legislation

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June 8, 2011 by lowercreek

I was in this hearing in Raleigh on June 1st, 2011.  Since, I have talked to people recenty about e-Verify, I have learned many don’t know what it is.  I stumbled upon this video, and thought I would post the discussion for better understanding of the issue.  Basically, e-Verify allows all employers, public and private, to verify an employee’s status in America.

It will return whether they are natural born and naturalized citizens.   It will tell if they are here legally on a work visa, here legally on a student visa, or whether their visas have expired and they are no longer eligible to work in America.  E-Verify will match full name, Social Security number and birth date, if there is a mismatch the employee and employer are notified.   It is up to the employer to determine the next action with regard to continued employment.  (ICE will not swoop in and deport anyone.)


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