NC GOP 2011 Convention in Wilmington, June 3-5


June 6, 2011 by lowercreek

We had a ball!!!  There were 5 of us from PR18 at the convention this year!!!  🙂 Phil, Dave, Elizabeth, Judy, and Christine. From other precincts was Shirley, Charles, Cathy, Ed, Jo, Sandra, Roscoe, and Jeff.  Some of us arrived on Thursday and others on Friday.  Some of stayed at the Hilton, some at the cheap hotels a few miles away, and still others at a big, rented house on the beach.

Wilmington reminded me of New Orleans with it’s lively night life and crowded streets.  The political hospitality suites at the Hilton were great and plentiful.  Allen West was a fantastic speaker at the Friday banquet!!  I met so many qualified Republican candidates running for a wide range of state offices.  The pleasure was all mine.

The Chairman, Robin Hayes, was re-elected by unanimous consent after the floor nominated challenger declined the nomination after his 3-minute candidate’s speech.  Strange things happen at these conventions.  Then there was the hotly contested vote for State Vice-Chair between the widely known, and TEA Party beloved, Tim Johnson and the 10th District Chair Wayne King.  It was close race.  Tim won the majority of the votes in the convention hall by 96 votes, but after the votes are weighted King prevailed.   He won by approximately 100 votes and was elected the new State Party Vice-Chair.  That too was an interesting twist for the day.  Good luck and congratulations to Robin Hayes and Wayne King!

The 2011 Party Platform was  presented and only 3 people were recognized by the Chair to speak.  One to return NC to the gold and silver standard – failed.  A second to ask for a 10-minute recess – failed.  A third to read 3 well crafted and short amendments to the Platform.  The Platform Committee Chair gave his approval for these changes and said, “I wish I had thought of them.”  Those 3 amendments, listed below, passed.

They were:

  1. Adding to Article II as item 6: Support transitioning to a simpler, fairer, more efficient tax system that reduces the overall tax burden.
  2. By substituting the following for the second sentence of item 3, article IX:  A comprehensive energy policy includes off-shore and on-shore oil and natural gas, nuclear power, coal, solar, wind and alternative fuels that do not adversely impact the food supply.
  3. By adding the following sentence as Item 16 to article X: We support the principle of a “sound money” policy to sustain a stable U.S. currency.

I was in line to make my first ever convention Platform amendment, when somene make a motion to adopt the Platform as amended.  It passed.  So business session lost it’s quorum and had to be ended.  So I didn’t get to make my motion to amend the platform.  It read as follows: By adding the following sentence at the end of item 7, or article V:  “In-State tuition rates at public institutions should apply to the lawful residents only.”   The amendment I was to read came from the same group of 9 very good amendments submitted by James Hardesty from Wake County.   I appreciate James giving me the opportunity to participate in the business session with him.

We’re ready to go back in 2012!!


One thought on “NC GOP 2011 Convention in Wilmington, June 3-5

  1. Christine says:

    I forgot to mention, the long delays during the Friday business session that left no business completed. The delays came from whether or not to seat many delegates that registered between Jan. 1 and Jan. 31, 2011. There was some rules interpretations in play creating a problem for some delegates. I know of one delegate who was threatening to sue the Party if they didn’t seat his wife.

    To many, the rules are clear. The number of delegates allowed per county is determined by the number of Republican voters registered as of Jan. 1, 2011. Delegates must have registered Republican by Jan. 31, 2011. But the Party was rejecting delegates during the credentials vetting process if they weren’t registered by Jan. 1, 2011. :\ [sigh] Anyway, I got a text message at 4:11pm on Friday, saying, “We are still in a loooonnng delay.” The session started at 2:00pm.

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