Are you ready to make Obama a one-term President??


May 20, 2011 by lowercreek

We’ve got a lot of work to do right here in our precinct.

Our first precinct meeting will be

  • Thursday, June 9th
    Caldwell County Public Library,
    124 Hospital Avenue, Lenoir, NC  28645

We are working on the agenda for the quick meeting to get this big neighborhood group started.  We need help in a wide range of activities: display a yard sign, make easy phone calls to friends and family, volunteer on Election Day or during Early Voting, host a small candidate meeting in your home with a few neighbors and family members, help with the website, pass out flyers, or help in a festival booth.

Are you ready??

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2 thoughts on “Are you ready to make Obama a one-term President??

  1. Steve Bogdan says:

    Christine, good job getting this website up and running so quickly. Your the best. To me, it’s all about the vote. Only 53% of registered Republicans in our County voted in the ’08 election and that is not good enough to take back our country. We need to vote in good conservative candidates with sound fiscal policy. We do not need the concepts of spend and then tax where ever they can. Lets lower our individual costs and get legislation and Government out of the way. let our free markets prevail, not over burdened business which leave our country to manufacture overseas. We need you! Our Country needs you! Please help and get involved.

  2. Steve Bogdan says:

    All those in different precincts throughout NC please start to organize your Republican’s. I feel 10% increase in voter turnout will win all elections. It’s that easy! We formed our very own precinct website to help get out the vote campaign. I hope to make this contagious throughout the Country. It’s time for our grassroots efforts to take affect.

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